1. All residents must personally register with the Security office on arrival to ensure that they are permitted access to the complex .
2. No registry within 5 days of arrival may result in refusal to enter the complex.   
3.Residents of Prestige Residence should inform the Security Office in advance of an expected delivery or visit by a service technician.
4. Security staff do not retain keys to any apartments. It is the responsibility of the home owner to give the caretaker a telephone or contact number which can be called in the event of an emergency.  
5. All personal and emergency notification information must be kept current at all times.
6. Occupants, owners and/or agents for the owners (excluding the Developer) must notify the Security office when their apartments are unoccupied for more than thirty (30) days.  
7. The Security office shall be notified by the owner or agent of the name of any tenant who is expected to occupy an apartment at Prestige Residence. Failure to comply within 5 days of occupancy will result in loss of access privileges.
8. Owner-occupants, non-resident owners, or agents who rent, loan, or otherwise permit occupancy of their apartments shall furnish a copy of the Prestige Residence Rules and Regulations to their occupants. The owner shall assume responsibility for the actions or omissions of his agent or the occupant of the apartment. 
9. All pets must be registered with the Security office
10. No soliciting of goods or services shall be permitted on the premises of Prestige Residence. 

1. No more than one (1) pet may be kept in any apartment, except that such limitation will not apply to fishes. Only a dog, cat, rabbit, fish or small bird may be kept as a pet in the apartment.  
2. Pets shall not be kept, bred, or used for any commercial purpose.  
3. Pet owners are responsible for promptly cleaning up any waste or mess created by their pet.  Pet trash must be securely wrapped in a plastic bag and taken to the containers in the trash collection area.  
4. Pets shall not be allowed in the communal areas, except in transit and when hand carried or held on a short leash.  
5. All pets must be registered with the Security office.  
6. Pets belonging to visitors are not permitted on the premises.  
7. Any personal injury, liability and/or any damage to any apartment, building, grounds, flooring, or walls, caused by a resident's pet will be the full responsibility of the owner of the apartment in which the pet's owner resides.  
8. Any pet which is a nuisance or causes unreasonable disturbance to any occupant or causes damage to any building and/or grounds, including depositing waste, shall be removed by the owner promptly upon written request by the Board of Directors or the Managing Agent.


  1. 1. The common areas in Prestige Residence, such as hallways, walkways, and passageways, shall not be obstructed under any circumstances.  
  2. 2. Items of personal property, including baby carriages, shopping carts, bicycles, tricycles, shoes, plants, and other movable personal property shall not be left or allowed to stand in any part of the hallways, stairs, lobbies, elevators, parking areas, or any other common area.  
  3. 3. Fire doors must remain closed at all times pursuant to fire regulations.  
  4. 4. Owners of an apartment whose residents or guests are found tampering with the fire fighting equipment, fire alarms, fire doors, or the fire sprinkler system will be liable for all repair costs, replacement, or damage caused to the building or personal property.
  5. 5. Occupants shall not use or bring onto the premises hazardous, highly inflammable, or explosive substances.
  6. 6. Common entry doors shall remain locked at all times. No resident shall aid any person to enter the building whom you personally cannot identify as a home owner, resident or building staff employee. Refer such persons to Security.  
  7. 7. Drinking alcohol or smoking is not permitted in elevators, stairs or lobby areas.  
  8. 8. The use of fireworks and/or firecrackers on the premises is prohibited at all times.  
  9. 9. Apartments are exposed to the elements and not in an enclosed area, so a small door mat may be placed at the entry to these units.

  10. 1. All vehicles parked on this project will be at the owner’s sole risk. Parking is permitted for occupants only within designated parking stalls.  
  11. 2. Unknown vehicles  parked in stalls may be booted and/or towed from the premises at the vehicle owner's expense. Vehicles may not protrude beyond parking stalls or block the driveways.
  12. 3. Repairs to vehicles will not be permitted in the parking areas with the exception of minor emergency repairs. Racing of engines or tire-squealing will not be permitted.  
  13. 4. There will be no loitering or playing in the parking areas.  
  14. 5. Items of personal property, other than motor vehicles, may not be kept in any parking stall.  
  15. 6. Guests, including delivery persons and contractors, shall park only in authorized areas and must report at the Security Office. Unreported vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  16. 7. Vehicles are required to park between the red lines. Double parking is not permitted.  
  17. 8. Vehicles must not exceed 10kmh and headlights must be used at all times within the parking structure at night.


1. All garbage must be securely wrapped and plastic bagged before depositing into the trash or the containers in the trash collection area.

  1. 2. All boxes must be broken down before depositing in the rubbish container outside each block.  Do not  place trash, boxes, or refuse of any type in any common area, including the lobbies, etc. 
  2. 3. Pet trash (sand, litter, paper, etc.) must be wrapped with extra care in plastic bags and taken to the containers in the trash collection area. 
  3. 4. Hazardous materials, such as paint thinners, solvents or any highly flammable substance will not be put into any trash collection area nor stored in any apartment. 
  4. 5. Cigarettes, cigars, or other smoking material shall not be discarded in common areas, nor thrown from any apartment.

  5. 1. Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted in the sauna area without a resident adult in attendance who will be responsible for them.
  6. 2. Use of sauna by pregnant women or those with high blood  pressure, heart disease or other health concerns is discouraged.
  7. 3. Please allow at least 5 minutes after workout to cool down before entering the sauna
  8. 4. Do not use sauna while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. 5. Prolonged use of sauna may be dangerous
  10. 6. The sauna doors must remain closed when not in use.7. Please shower before entering the sauna8. Appropriate swimwear with a towel must be worn at all times in the sauna.  9. No food or drink is allowed in the sauna10. Guests are not to use the sauna unless accompanied by an adult resident 

    1. Children age 12 and under must be under the supervision of a responsible adult
    2. Everyone must take a shower before entering the pool
    3. No food or drinks allowed in the pool
  11. 4. No running, pushing or shouting is permitted in the pool area.
    5. All rubbish must be disposed in the bins
  12. 6. No animals allowed in or around the pool area
  13. 7. No glass containers or sharp objects are permitted in the pool area. Please use plastic or paper containers.
  14. 8. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool
  15. 9. Toilet facilities have been provided for your use.  The pool and Jacuzzi are not to be used for this purpose. 
  16. 10. No climbing of the slides is permitted from the pool end.
  17. 11. The  swimming  pool  and  pool  area  are  for  the  use  of residents and their invited guests only. 
  18. 12. Bicycles, skateboards or other recreational wheeled vehicles of any type are not allowed in the pool area
    13. Pool and garden furniture is not to be removed from the designated area
    14. NO children wearing diapers without rubber pants are allowed in the pool

1. Personal items: Upon entry personal items should be secured in the lockers. Personal items may not be left at the front desk and strictly no bags, coats or personal items are allowed in the workout area. Please re-lock lockers and leave the key in the locker when leaving the fitness centre
2. Towels: When attending the Fitness Centre please bring an adequate sized towel with you

  1. 3. Athletic shoes and appropriate workout clothing must be worn at all times in the workout area for health and safety reasons. Please no sandals or casual shoes are allowed. A shirt must be worn to cover the upper body. Failure to dress appropriately may result in denial to workout
  2. 4. Disrupting or interfering with the workout of another resident is not allowed.
  3. 5. Except for capped water bottles, eating or drinking is prohibited. Please dispose of all trash in the proper bins in the fitness center. Please don't chew gum inside the fitness centre.
  4. 6. Please do not drop your weights, and put them away in the appropriate place after use. Please do not place weights on benches.
  5. 7. Keep all cardio workouts under 30 minutes maximum
  6. 8. Please wipe machines after use
  7. 9. You are exercising at your own risk.
  8. 10. Children under 16 are strictly not permitted to use the fitness equipment at any time.


1. Use of the Tennis &  Volleyball / basketball courts is limited to residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by an adult resident.
2. Children under the age of 16 years are not to use the tennis or basketball / volleyball courts without a resident adult in attendance who will be responsible for them.
3. Soft-soled sport shoes must be worn on the courts at all times.
4.Hours of Play:  8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Please turn off lights after night use.
5.No glass containers are permitted on courts.
6. Rubbish must be disposed in the bins.
7. Courts are to be used exclusively for playing the tennis, basketball or volleyball, strictly no football is allowed in the courts.
8.No food or drink allowed in the court except for capped plastic water bottles. 
9 No bicycles, rollerskates, pets or skateboards allowed 

1.Anyone using the game room facilities and its equipment is expected to use it properly and return equipment to its proper place.
2.Wet swimwear is not permitted in the game room
3. Guests of residents are permitted to use the facilities provided an adult resident is present and provided the group does not interfere with the enjoyment of the facilities by other residents.
4. Only four guests per household permitted at any one time
5. Use of the pool table, air hockey, and ping pong table is limited to persons age 12 and over unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
6. Use is limited to 30 minutes when other players are waiting
7. Anyone damaging equipment will be responsible for replacement costs of the items damaged.
8.  No equipment may be removed from the Game room

1. No swimming or wading allowed.
2. Do not throw any solid or liquid matter into the water
3. Do not tamper with controls for pumps or fountains.  

1. With the exception of the gardener, alterations or changes and/or additions to planted areas are prohibited.
2. Do not hang anything on shrubs or trees.
3.Use sidewalks and bridges.   Do NOT walk across planted areas.
4.Residents are not to tamper with sprinkler system.        

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